tv-collective, Copenhagen (2006-2009)
with Kent Hansen, Kristoffer Gansing, Linda Hilfling, Henriette Heise, Jakob Jakonsen, Joachim Hamou, Morten Goll, Ulla Hvejsel, Kirsten Dufour and many others

tv-tv was created in 2006 as an artistic television project and produced a series of programmes with the aim of investigating and irritating the habitual functioning of television:

tv-tv is self-organized tv, neither the state’s apparatus nor the market’s tv. tv-tv is a network of independent producers who all are longing to make tv. tv-tv wants to break the traditional monopoly of the means of production and the right to broadcast.
tv-tv is publicness. We see tv as an active part of the public sphere in which society is mediated. tv-tv is an effort to produce another public sphere.
tv-tv is investigating tv. we want to experiment with tv, make time for an investigation of tv's possibilities and break with the rhythms offered by most tv channels. We will refuse ratings based generalizations of what people want, and rather investigate tv as a setting for communication. We want to break the monotony that characterizes tv today.

(from tv-tv manifesto)

participation in exhibitions with with tv-tv (2006-2009)
societé anonyme, le Plateau, Paris
radical software, Den Frie, Kopenhagen
21 dage-21 ar , Overgaden, Kopenhagen

tv programs:
ceci n’est pas une interview (2007)
with Kent Hansen
borrows - a cut up experiment (2006)
with Christian Hillesoe