ceci n’est pas une interview

Video, 33 min, 2007
mit Kent Hansen / tv-tv

The video was made on the occasion of the exhibition Societé Anonyme (Le Plateau, Paris, 2007). tv-tv set up its  studio in the exhibition space for two weeks, the program produced in this time was then broadcast on the tv station La Locale.

this is not an interview
We are from the danish local television station tv-tv.
Can you help us to make tv-tv?
We will leave you a camera, continue to do what you are doing and feel free to do whatever you like.
Let the camera run and we will come back in one moment.

Ceci n'est pas une interview is an experimental set-up:
We asked random groups we met in the park if they would take our video camera for a while and film from their respective situations for the TV program. We left the place and came back after some time to pick up the camera again.

All 6 groups of the program developed personal strategies of producing television images with or against the camera.

further screenings / participation in exhibitions / conferences:

subjective events, sometimes recorded, art laboratory Berlin, 2008
100 days- 100 videos, Kunstforeningen Gl. Strand, Kopenhagen, 2008
Nah-Sehen Fern-Sehen, Konferenz und televisuelle Kunst, Kunstuniversität Linz, 2008