The missing i- 
Charles Arnold and another decade of California Color

The starting point of the project was the discovery of a fake artist's page in a catalogue of the exhibition A Decade of California Color, which took place in 1970 at the Pace Gallery, New York.
Who was or is Charles Arnold?
Are the two inlays intentionally placed clues or do they represent forgotten working materials? In which time context did the counterfeiter operate and what was the motivation behind the forgery?
Two research trips to Los Angeles followed. The resulting material, including the reprint of the fake catalogue, an installation with video interviews of the artists participating in the exhibition at the time and a reproduction of the artwork depicted on the artist's page was shown in several exhibitions and formed the basis for a performative lecture.

Another Decade of California Color - Charles Arnold and the missing i Galerie Dorothea Schlueter, Hamburg (2010)

Fische hinterlassen keine Spuren
Künstlerhaus Bremen, 2010 (Vortrag)

Suitable for Framing
Essays and Observations, Berlin (2012)

Notiz und Maßnahme
Künstlerhaus Frise, Hamburg (2014)

50 pieces in 50 minutes
fiftyminutes, Berlin 2014 (Vortrag)