ingedanken 4maleinereise (4timesajourney)

video, 18 min, 1999
with Korstaan Mahal

"Perhaps the time will soon come when the prosthesis-assisted invalid of today will be the model of the computer-assisted healthy person of tomorrow" (Paul Virilio)

The film was made for the NDR (North German Television) series "Der dokumentarische Blick" (The Documentary gaze), which had published an open call for films related to the topic the “on the move”. Based on Virilio’s thesis we were asking the question "How does a person travel who can't move?"

In conversations with severely handicapped people we tried to find out more about the phenomenon of travel beyond a physical movement from A to B. Instead of the imagined visionary who virtually travels the world with the most modern technology, we met 4 different people, all of them severely paralyzed, but in no way fitting with our prefabricated images of a disabled person. In the course of the film, therefore, our own ideas of mobility, disability and also our own self-image as filmmakers were irritated, actually our own thoughts had to go on a journey.

NDR Der dokumentarische Blick, 1999
Filmfestival Wie wir leben, Filmmuseum München, 2000