with Balz Isler
since 2015

With the artist and performer Balz Isler I am working on an artistic research on the history of video as a political medium. On the one hand, video was celebrated as a new means of articulation and political upheaval when it was introduced at the end of the 1960s, but it subsequently became apparent that, as an industrial product, it was simultaneously subject to the opposing dynamics of the market and profitability, supply and demand.

The project consists of collecting, viewing and archiving video material, texts and magazines of the political video movement of the 1980s, but also of a juxtaposition with the video realities of today's social networks. By interweaving, re-contextualizing and short-circuiting these sources through montage, re-enactment, performative and installative arrangement in space, we attempt to examine the topicality of video as a space of possibility for political articulation.

Der kollektive Blick #2, Projektraum Flutgraben e.V. , 2015